Thursday, October 29, 2009

#3 Global Colours ♥

Small diamond encrusted in the middle.
Adding elegance into a plain canvas.

Comes in 4 different colours!!

Size : fits up to UK10

Colours :
White (available)
Rose Red (available)
Purple (available)
Sea Green (available)

Price :
RM 23 each

code : Global Colours Top

happy shopping

#2 Dinky Top ♥

A simple T-shirt with a cute simple design.

Body fitting and it doesn't stretch after washing !

A pop-up ribbon on the pressie. Cuteness! :D

Size : fits UK8-UK10

Colours :
Grey (2 SOLD)
Yellow (1 available)

Price :
RM25 each

code : Dinky Little Present

happy shopping

#1 Eye Candy ♥

We're kicking start our business with a sexy number.

A pink halter neck cocktail dress.
Suitable for clubbing or any formal function.
Prom maybe? ;]

Short, sexy and fitting !

A diamond studded buckle at the back of the dress.

Size : fits up to UK10
(it is stretchable)

Colours :
White (1 available)
Pink (2 available)

Price :
RM 45 each

Code : Eye Candy

happy shopping